A Poignant Picture Essay of My Year in J School

It’s the last week of classes and, as a grad student, ¬†I am naturally experiencing the constant urge to pluck every hair from my head. Additonally, I only have ONE chocolate left in my rabbit-shaped box of delightful Fererro hazelnut¬†chocolate balls. Serious times, y’all.

Anyway, I am procrastinating writing my several ridiculously long papers by writing this eloquent blog post. And since I don’t exactly feel like glazing your eyes over with the usual text overload I have decided to put up a fun picture post. Yay picture posts!

Katie’s Life in Grad School: Phase One

This is me in August stepping onto Alabama’s campus and preparing to start my epic journalism journey and the proud owner of my OWN bathroom.



This is me at the end of the fall term.

little boy

Oh Oh OH Stayin alive stayin alive

This is me at some undefined point during the spring semester.

Frustrated Business Woman

I picked Journalism?!! JOURNALISM??!!!!?

This is me whenever I get a blog post compliment.


This is probably how I look and sound to my roommate when I walk into our apartment after class.


This is me when I check my bank account balance weekly.


This is me when someone asks me what am I planning to do when I graduate.


This is me when a professor confirms I have a future as a writer.


This is going to be me for the next 2 weeks before I move to Anniston, Alabama for the summer.

images (1)

And finally, where I imagine myself in 5 years, obviously.