“I’m Not Here To Make Friends!!!” A Reality Rant

One of the first things I did upon arriving home on account of spring break was contort my body to the shape of my couch in order to enjoy a luxury I thought I had missed, which is cable television y’all. Back in Melody and I’s Ttown apartment, our set only gets seven seasons of … Continue reading

Covering Tragedy: The Newtown Bee

(Courtesy of newtownbee.com) Coverage of tragedy and crime is arguably one of the most sensitive and difficult topics to explore in journalism. When done poorly, stories can exploit and stereotype victims and their families, all for the sake of a sensationalized dramatic tale that will boost ratings and do nothing to further truth or understanding. … Continue reading

A Little Bite of Heaven

(Picture Taken From Sweet’s Cupcakes Facebook Page) This is a picture of a cupcake from Sweet’s Cupcakes And Cakes located  in downtown Tuscaloosa on historic Greensboro Avenue. They have Happy Hour with 50 cent Icing Shots. Life is a wonderful thing sometimes folks. Aptly titled “Little Bite of Heaven,” it contains cookie dough, peanut butter cups … Continue reading

Journalists as Political Referees

  In examining the various guidelines journalists should follow when covering politics, I believe Philip Seibs says it best in the first chapter of Campaigns and Conscience: The Ethics of Political Journalism: “Journalists must resist the allure of trying to be all things to all people (leaving that to the politicians) and just try to construct … Continue reading

Let The Food Trucks Roll

Courtesy of http://bhmstreetfoodcoalition.com/ Tacos. Hot Dogs. Grilled Cheeses. Pork Sliders. The boisterous call of “Order Up” echoes through the busy streets and sidewalks of Birmingham, a city in the deep south that has restaurants, bars, breweries and food trucks popping up around every avenue. Who says the Iron City can’t muscle up and stand beside it’s older brother … Continue reading

Twitter Talk: Less Squawking, More Singing

Courtesy of mashable.com When I first discovered Twitter’s existence in college I rolled my eyes at a website devoted entirely to people sharing their minute-by-minute thoughts in annoying 140 character bursts.  After I eventually gave in to the trend, I felt a rush of sensory overload from the thousands of people shouting at me from … Continue reading