Let The Food Trucks Roll

Courtesy of http://bhmstreetfoodcoalition.com/

Tacos. Hot Dogs. Grilled Cheeses. Pork Sliders. The boisterous call of “Order Up” echoes through the busy streets and sidewalks of Birmingham, a city in the deep south that has restaurants, bars, breweries and food trucks popping up around every avenue. Who says the Iron City can’t muscle up and stand beside it’s older brother Austin, TX? We may never be a 20-something mecca like Chicago but at least the city puts itself on the map of cool with joints overflowing with skinny tied professionals and PBR drinkin’ hipsters.

I was very close this weekend to shelling out $25 to sample some of Birmingham’s tastiest cuisine on wheels. Being a student whose bank account has dropped it like it’s hot, I opted out of the extravaganza but nevertheless, am still fascinated by this impressive and rapidly growing food revolution in the Magic City.

Birmingham Street Food Coalition hosted the Street Food Rally 2013 this past Sunday at Pepper Place. Food Trucks such as Off The Hook, Cantina On Wheels, and Dreamcakes Bakery gathered to serve tasty delicacies such as grilled mac-and- cheese sandwiches from Melt, a food truck with a menu that causes a mouthwatering Pavlov reaction. Brilliant idea, Paget Pizitz! We’re talking every kind of delicious ingredient from sourdough bread to gouda cheese to PULLED PORK and bacon. Sounds like heaven and I look forward to trying it.

However, this revolution is facing some serious resistance. The city is examining Food Truck laws and concerned about these tasty vehicles snatching money from the competitors with brick foundations. Who doesn’t love delicious, affordable, trendy meals that you consume walk-up style?

I say…let the food trucks rolls! Let’s keep Bham on the map of cool. Show Your Support Here



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