The Super Bowl: A Story of Social Media

As much as I wanted to sit around eating nachos and being chummy with friends while “watching” football, I was denied this option due to massive amounts of graduate school work and lack of cable. I planted myself on my couch while my friends tramped off to glamorous superbowl shindigs and chili cook offs.

However, Facebook allowed me to check in on the action without even turning on my television. As soon as the Super Dome lights went out, I was able to scan 100 witty statuses about the possible reasons for the sudden blackout. When Beyonce brought back her dream team, I was able to look at my friends’ reaction to  childhood pop icons wriggling in black leather for America’s amusement. If someone posted a certain status about an amusing ad, I searched for the video on youtube, watched it and then instantly shared my expert analysis.

How ironic that social media give one the opportunity to not be social in the real world at all. But as a journalist, it’s my direct outlet to the people, the generation that will read my words and decide to do what they please with them.

20 years from now, maybe all information will be consumed through clicks and links. Are we headed in the cool direction or just a creepy one?

As long as I have a job and a purpose, I intend to ride this journalistic wave to wherever it feels I need to go.



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