A Poignant Picture Essay of My Year in J School

It’s the last week of classes and, as a grad student,  I am naturally experiencing the constant urge to pluck every hair from my head. Additonally, I only have ONE chocolate left in my rabbit-shaped box of delightful Fererro hazelnut chocolate balls. Serious times, y’all. Anyway, I am procrastinating writing my several ridiculously long papers by … Continue reading

The Genie’s Out of The Bottle: Has News Dissolved Into Nothing But Entertainment?

Associate Professor Bala A. Musa proclaims, “the era of factual hard news is behind us.” This statement may be disheartening to some of today’s consumers. For others, it comes as no surprise and an inevitable phase of the business. In “News as Infotainment: Industry and Audience Trends,” Musa details the struggle of journalists balancing three … Continue reading

Heavy Boots: Thoughts on Boston Marathon Tragedy

Today’s events jar me to my core and fuel the hunger for peace more than ever. There are no words that will ever allow me to wrap my head around the destruction of innocent lives through senseless violence. But it continues to plague this world. Sick, twisted individuals destroying the lives of thousands in a … Continue reading

The Magic of the Magic City: One Southern Writer’s Story

Growing up within the flowery walls of Vestavia Hills, I was lost in a strange suburbia land and very much removed from the bright lights of downtown Birmingham. I remember as I neared high school graduation, I had the nagging feeling that I needed to flee the state. For me, this place symbolized synthetic beauty … Continue reading

Not Your Grandma’s Journalism: A Grim Look at Economics from a Doe-Eyed J Schooler

  In the first chapter of The Vanishing Newspaper, Philip Meyer states, “the best way to ensure the future of newspapers would have been to conserve their influence and pay the costs of the radical experimentation needed to learn what new media forms would be viable.”  I agree with Meyer’s statement but am also acutely … Continue reading

Public Journalism: When Civic Engagement and Journalism Marry

This blog post covers public journalism and debates whether it’s corroding or helping the profession of journalism. What is public journalism, you ask? It can be best defined as a brand of politically engaged journalism. Journalism that looks in depth at possible solutions to problems. Journalism that includes the voice of the people.  Journalism that … Continue reading